3-D Hydrovac Services

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March 26, 2019 by

3-D Hydrovac Services offers a hardworking, knowledgeable crew that will do the job safely and accurately. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can dig up for you. 

3-D has an extensive fleet of Hydrovac units that offer non-destructive excavation of buried pipelines and utilities using pressurized water and vacuums to safely expose underground utilities.  After line locating has been performed we can safely, and quickly, expose pipes and cables around which the project is occurring.  As with the line locating, this process reduces risk and increases the safety of our clients projects.

Crew Makeup and Equipment Information

Each 3-D Hydrovac Crew is made up of a Tri-Axle 13 Yard Debris Tank, 2366 Gallon Water Capacity, 5300 cfm Robuschi Blower, Cat tri-plex Water Pump 14-60 GPM @ 0-4000 PSI, 342 Degree Rotational 8″ Bloom with over 30 Feet of Reach, 48″Power Sweep for fast unloading and each truck has two operators and all required PPE.

3-D Line Locating Ltd is a privately owned Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the Damage Prevention industry in Western Canada. Although the industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years, we have been very fortunate to have been at the leading edge of the evolution and still maintain the highest levels of quality, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction in our industry.

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