Who We Are

Your Damage Prevention Specialists

3-D Line Locating Ltd is a diversified Damage Prevention Services company specializing in Surveying & Geomatics, Land Administration, Construction Survey, One Call Management, Ground Disturbance Management including inspections for pipeline crossings and backfill, and Buried Pipeline & Utility Locating. Our multi service approach allows our clients the efficiency of working with an established one stop shop for preventing damages to underground utilities for all phases of pipeline construction including preliminary route selection, construction and remediation.

We take pride in our reputation of always being able to safety deliver accuracy, efficiency and quality to our clients.

Buried Pipeline & Utility Locating Since 1994

3-D Provides the most Industry-Advanced Damage Prevention Services to Western Canada. Over the years we have established a turn-key suite of services that has proven to work well with all stakeholders and serve as an integral part of our goal as a company.

Our Services Include:

  • Buried Pipeline & Utility Locating
  • One Call Management
  • Ground Disturbance Management including inspections for pipeline crossings and backfill
  • Stress Concentration Tomography (SCT)
  • Surveying & Geomatics
  • Construction Survey
  • Land Administration

Our multi service approach allows our clients the efficiency of working with an established one stop shop for preventing damages to underground utilities for all phases of pipeline construction including pre-liminary route selection, construction and remediation.

This statement is the true essence of who we are at 3-D. It is who our people are at their core, and is how our business is operated every day. We built our organization around this statement for over 25 years in that we understand what matters most is a consistent client experience based on quality, accuracy and professionalism.

We employee and take great pride in our highly-skilled individuals who perform our suite of services. We create a space for them to grow, achieve and thrive within a team environment and we support all of our people in their aspirations for career development here at 3-D. It is because of these amazing, talented and hardworking individuals that we are able to accomplish many jobs at such a high level of quality and consistency for our clients.

Our Mission

Having the opportunity to grow as a company throughout the early years of our industry, has provided us with the experience, knowledge and resources required to build the foundation of our company.  The result of this has allowed us to be successful in maintaining the highest levels of quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

With the addition of the 3-D Ground Disturbance Management solutions to the company portfolio enables us to assist our clients with activities related directly to ground disturbance and Damage Prevention.  We offer One-Call management, ground disturbance coordinating, supervision and inspection program assessment development, auditing and ground disturbance package preparation.

Introduction of the Hydrovac division of the company allows 3-D to offer logistical efficiencies to our clients when it comes to identification and verification of buried facility locations.  This preferred method of non-destructive excavation when working around buried facilities is performed to the highest standard.  3-D is committed to the highest levels of quality and providing exceptional services to all our hydrovac clients.

Pipeline Integrity management is available through the utilization of Stress Concentration Tomography (SCT).  This proprietary technology and patented software allows our clients a cost efficient process that can identify magnetic anomalies that may impact the integrity of the pipeline.  The benefit of this non-invasive technology is greater efficiencies in identifying stress areas therefore reducing costs associated with physical inspection of the pipeline.

Senior management of 3-D Line Locating is committed to the highest standards in quality, sustainable growth, and excellence in all operations.  Employee contributions to our success are recognized and it is our expectation that all people joining our journey are committed to the same value.

Aboriginal Inclusion and Local Content

3-D believes in a strong cultural participation with our First Nation and Aboriginal partners, this includes active participation by our employees in traditional practices such as:  Pow Wow’s, Pipe ceremonies, and sweat lodges.  We are proud of our “Commitment to First Nation and Aboriginal Peoples”, and it is treated as a “living document” that is continually reviewed and adjusted to better suit our clients, Aboriginal people, as well as 3-D staff (both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal).

3-D recognizes the history, culture and diversity of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples of ” Turtle Island” (North America).  We believe that through positive, mutually beneficial relationships with the original inhabitants, we will be able to better accomplish our strategic goals.  Our goal for our First Nations and Aboriginal partners is to assist them to meet their vast potential in human and natural resources.

We are committed to a culture of both inclusion and awareness of First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples and their cultures in our day to day business.  This is accomplished through both our corporate structure as well as the actual contract, training and employment of First Nation and Aboriginal Peoples.

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence