Who We Are

Buried Pipeline & Utility Locating Since 1994

3-D Line Locating Ltd is a privately owned Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the Damage Prevention industry in Western Canada. Although the industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years, we have been very fortunate to have been at the leading edge of the evolution and still maintain the highest levels of quality, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction in our industry. For call before you dig BC or utility locating in Alberta contact us today!

Our Mission

“Our people believe in a higher standard of excellence that results in the service and the experience our clients expect and deserve”

This statement is the true essence of who we are at 3-D. It is who our people are at their core, and it is how our business is operated every day. We have built our entire organization around this statement for over 20 years because we understand that what matters most is a consistent client experience based on quality, accuracy, and professionalism.

We employ only highly skilled individuals to provide our locating services. We create a space for them to grow, achieve, and thrive within a team environment, and we support all of our people in their aspirations for career development here at 3-D. It is because of these amazing, talented, and hardworking individuals that we are able to accomplish so many jobs, at such a high level of quality and consistency for our clients.