Jul '18


3-D Vision Statement

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Maybe our secret sauce shouldn’t be so secret? If anyone has ever wondered who 3-D is or what we stand for over here, regardless of the services we offer, the core of our company is highlighted in this infographic. If you’ve worked with us, you may understand how this all fits. For those who haven’t… Read more »

Jun '18


Celebrating 7 Years of Ownership!

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Celebrating Our 7 Years of Ownership! We’ve been flying through the last couple months, tackling every mountain that arrives at our door, heads down and hustling, that we actually forgot that this month has been 7 years since Michael and I became the proud new owners of 3-D Line Locating. So, now we are taking… Read more »

May '18


3-D Hydrovac Services

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HydroVac Excavation Services 3-D has an extensive fleet of Hydrovac units that offer non-destructive evacuation of buried pipelines and utilities using pressurized water and vacuums to safely expose underground utilities. After line locating has been performed we can safely, and quickly, expose pipes and cables around which the project is occurring. As with the line… Read more »