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Web Base Mobile GIS 

Over the last year and half 3-D Line Locating Ltd. has been expanding it’s core services to help capture & service the entire Damage Prevention process. With our experienced Team we have confidently developed and executed our 4 core services:

  • Buried Pipeline & Utility Locating Services
  • Ground Disturbance Coordination & Supervision + Ground Disturbance Compliance Auditing
  • Web Base Mobile GIS
  • Stress Concentration Tomography (SCT)

We have had several inquiries for our GIS Services and thought we would showcase and open the door on the extensive list we have to offer with our GIS.

3-D Line Locating is proposing to use an advanced web based and mobile GIS to aid in the construction and project management of pipeline Projects. The GIS will serve as a data and document repository for any information that may be required for the successful completion of projects as well as a collaboration tool for field and office staff. The GIS will also serve as a system of record for all data and documentation created or collected before, during and after the construction process.

Below is a brief overview of what 3-D offers to our client(s) with our GIS:

We have created these GIS Services specifically to create an efficient and organized process for our client(s) on their projects and off. The GIS is multi-functional in what it can do for you.

Please visit our webpage to learn more and most importantly to download our Brochure that, in depth, outlines and describes how each use fits into all the above listed projects.

If you would like to book a demonstration or to speak with us about your GIS needs please contact us and we will gladly introduce you to our GIS Service.

3D-logo-redesign-bup33-D Line Locating Ltd is a privately owned Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the Damage Prevention industry in Western Canada. Although the industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years, we have been very fortunate to have been at the leading edge of the evolution and still maintain the highest levels of quality, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction in our industry.

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