3-D Line Locating Ltd. along with MRF Geosystems Corporation have recently implemented a sophisticated GIS platform to facilitate our automated ground disturbance program and pipeline integrity inspection database.  The GIS system leverages a centralized, cloud hosted database to serve and receive data to both a web based and mobile GIS application.

3-D Line Locating Ltd. has outfitted field personnel with GPS enabled tablets to view complete and up to date project datasets regardless of connectivity, as well as collect and synchronize GIS ready field data to the central database making it available for all project members. The GIS platform provides all mapping needs to complete projects in an efficient, timely and organized manner.

How can 3-D’s web base GIS be used?

  • Records Management
  • Document control
  • Management of change
  • Collaboration, Coordination and Reporting
  • GIS as a Deliverable
  • Web GIS
  • Mobile GIS + GPS
  • Project documentation
  • Simplified As-built Process
  • Stress Concentration Tomography (SCT) Scanning After Hydrostatic Testing

We encourage you to download our brochure (below) for us to show you how our GIS can aid in the construction and project management of pipeline Projects.

Web Base Mobile GIS Brochure


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