Major Project Locating/Mainline Pipeline Sweeping


3-D line locates have been developing a strong presence in the Mainline Pipeline and Major Projects arena for over 20 years. Thanks to our abundance of experience in the midstream oil and gas category and our meticulous attention to detail in environmental conservation, we have a comprehensive understanding of everything that the client needs to safely perform ground disturbance activities in this category. This includes; Preliminary line locates for route planning, depth of cover surveys for possible crossings, 4,7 and 10 way sweeps of proposed right-of-ways and all related access and spaces, sweeps for brush clearing or logging activities and pre-construction staking and sweeps as well. Because of our extensive oilfield experience, congested crossings or busy tie in sites are handled, accurately and confidently, saving the client from uncertainty. 3-D also offers full Ground Disturbance Co-ordination, One Call Management and Line Locating from Edmonton to Fort St John.