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The Homeowner: What’s covered by your Provincial One Call System?

Private Locate Services


The power cable to your house or your garage may not be located by the Alberta One Call Locating Contractor.

Because of 3-D Line Locating’s involvement with the One Call system, we have identified the gap in the system that leaves the homeowner or business owner vulnerable when conducting even the simplest of ground disturbance activities.

Power cables and secondary gas lines are often not identified in the One Call locate and are often buried less than 60 centimeters deep.  Customer-owned lines such as sewer service, sprinkler systems or any additional lines connecting other buildings on your property are your responsibility as the home owner to have them identified prior to your ground disturbance.

If you require full assistance, we offer a One Call Placement Service. We will make the One Call and deal with all the responses for you or on your contractor’s behalf.  You can rest at ease knowing you’re protected.

Contact us now to have your private utilities identified BEFORE you dig!

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April is DIG SAFE Month

For the month of April you will see ads everywhere talking about digging safely, either in construction, oil & gas or for home garden projects.  Last week we wrote a great post about Ground Disturbance  and we have written about how 3-D can manage your One Calls.  One of the most important thing you can do before starting any project is to make sure that you know what is buried beneath your work site.  Click Before You Dig is a great website that anyone can use to get information on who to call regarding your underground structures.

Dig Safe Canada is also putting on a great promo in partnership with Mark’s, who is providing a coupon for a free pair of Dakota Work Gloves with the purchase of $75 or more on select items. Simply go to Dig Safe Canada and print out the coupon!


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