Quality Management System

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to provide services of superior quality and a consistent experience that is in alignment with the standard of excellence our valued clients expect and deserve.

We are committed to:

  • Ethical business, corporate and personal practices
  • Meeting all applicable legal and statutory requirements
  • A safe workplace and safe work systems
  • Implementing and maintaining a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, including continuous improvement

We hold everyone individually responsible and accountable for their performance, and for helping achieve our objectives.

We expect everyone who works for us to know and follow this same system.

Quality Management

Our Quality Audit System is in place to support 3-D Line Locating Ltd.’s commitment to client service excellence.  By placing standard checks in place for each locate, we can ensure our locators uphold the highest standards in the locating industry. Our reviews and auditing system hold our locators accountable for each job they perform and the results they produce.


We are committed to achieving business excellence through the following practices:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Culture
  • Structure
  • Talent
  • Leadership

Planning includes resource planning at suitable intervals to ensure we have people with the appropriate competencies, skills and experience, and the right equipment and technology.

Through our Training & Competency outline we are able to cultivate and maintain a team that is the best there is at what they are here to do and also develop and maintain a culture that strengthens our Integrity and Quality.

Improvement & Corrective Action

Everyone is expected and encouraged to be proactively involved with risk management and continuous improvement.   Our aim is to prevent problems from arising wherever possible, and to avoid or reduce risk.

Methods used to achieve this include careful planning and risk assessment, our quality management system with its consistent policy and processes, project management disciplines, and close management oversight and attention to business operations.

We recognize that problems and issues can still occur.  If they do, we apply a consistent approach to identify and record them, investigate, analyze the root causes and possible impact, and follow them up with corrective and/or preventative action as required to resolve the issue, prevent recurrence and most of all, to strengthen and improve our management system. Follow-up and action is appropriate to the size, scale and nature of the issue and its impact.

Quality Audits

We have a program of internal audit to check the performance of our management system and operations, identify opportunities to improve, and confirm compliance with all relevant requirements.  Internal audits are scheduled and performed based on the status and importance of the project, area or activity.