Buried Pipeline
& Utility Locating Services

Ground Disturbance Management/Coordination

Performing beyond other buried pipeline & utility locating companies, we can facilitate and manage the ground disturbance process from beginning to end.

From pre-planning, managing the One Call process, developing a customized tracking plan; to communicating with construction teams and project managers, to handling audits, legalities and ensuring compliance, we’ve got it covered. At 3-D, we know the ground disturbance process can become time consuming and overwhelming. Let us do the labor and hard work for you, while you focus on the bigger picture.

Ground Disturbance
Coordination & Supervision Service

Facilitating and managing the entire Ground Disturbance process from start to finish for our clients and organizations.
At 3-D we:

  • Control and maintain the one call process throughout the project
  • Act as contact point and liaison between owners, reps of utilities and your construction team
  • Offer a customized Ground Disturbance tracking plan
  • Provide necessary Ground Disturbance information to the Project Manager, Construction Team and Inspection team
  • Join morning management meetings and help plan seamless future Ground Disturbance work
  • Audit the crossing agreements and ensure all legalities are in place prior to job kickoff continuing until project end
  • Witness daylighting, HDD Crossings, Open Cut crossings and backfills and capture any and all information pertaining to that job.
  • Supply an organized Ground Disturbance package that will capture all information gathered throughout this project.

Ground Disturbance
Compliance Auditing Service

Industry recognizes that all stakeholders in the damage prevention process should have a governance process in place to offer guidance when conducting ground disturbance activities.

Experience has led 3-D to develop many tools helpful in improving ground disturbance performance. We offer many services that will improve ground disturbance performance including although not limited to the following:

  • Conduct audits of ground disturbance contractors, line locators, GD supervisors and activities
  • Evaluation of your current ground disturbance governance process (code of practice, safe work practice or standard)
  • Conduct compliance assessment based on current governance and implementation
  • Comparison analysis of current activities and process with industry and regulatory standards
  • Development of programs and tools to enhance and improve performance
  • Roll out and development of training specific to your governance process for your workers, managers and contractors
  • Development of an implementation audit process according to the preferred governance model and client ground disturbance program
  • Offer compliance assessment on a regular basis with predetermined KPI’s specific to your operations and continuous improvement targets
  • Facilitate training, safety presentations, or provide materials for presentation at company events


Let us have a look at your current operations, identify gaps, and assist in development of ground disturbance protocols which meet regulatory requirements as a minimum, ensure adequate training, and monitor implementation for compliance. Ensure losses are controlled and workers are protected when working on your behalf with adequate governance in place.

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