Buried Pipeline
& Utility Locating Services

Locating Services

We offer many Line Locating Services

Environmental Locating Services (Phase I,II,III)

We have developed long standing and close knit relationships in the environmental conservation sector.

Major Project Locating/Mainline Pipeline Sweeping

3-D line locates have been developing a strong presence in the Mainline Pipeline and Major Projects arena for over 20 years.

One Call Ticket Management and Locate Response

3-D has a proven track record of providing Alberta One Call and BC One Call locating services to a wide variety of clients such as smaller oil producers, Gas Co-ops and major transportation clients.

Lease Site, Battery, and Satellite Locating Specialists

3-D is committed to providing prompt professional underground utility locating services in a variety of oilfield applications.

Pipeline Integrity and Maintenance Program Locating

With the implementation of more stringent AER regulations in regards to the safe operating and proper maintenance of high pressure pipelines.