What Do All The Marker Colours Mean?

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May 3, 2018 by

You’ve seen them out there, stakes lined up in a row, marching along the ditch or a field.  Or, sometimes, spray paint decorating the street or sidewalk, a variety of colours contrasting against the dull grey pavement.

What do they mean?  Why are they there?

When companies need to do maintenance to the road, sidewalk, power lines, pipelines or sewage lines, they need to have a Line Locating Technician to come out and locate, then mark, where all the potential buried lines are.

Once located and marked, companies Nation wide need to understand what they are, and thats where the standard underground utility colour code comes in.

Image of Colour Code for construction safety and oilfield safety.

Using universal colour codes ensures that everyone knows what is buried there, no matter the province, location, or client.

Locate markings inside a grocery store

Cows Around Underground Line Stake

When working in fields of cows, who are attracted to the stakes and often knock them down, shorter stakes are used

Stakes Marking Various Underground Lines On Contruction Site

Flagging can be tied to the stakes in order to differentiate between various underground lines of the same type

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