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Lindsay and Michael Mayr Presented With Business in Edmonton 2019 Leaders Award

It is with great honor that Michael and I were awarded with the Business in Edmonton 2019 Leaders Award amongst 19 other successors last night at the Edmonton Leaders Gala. We are humbled and joyous to accept this award. It is amazing to have our hard work, dedication and strong company vision recognized amongst a crowd. It’s not often we are able to be in a room with hundreds of entrepreneurs who feel our story, relate to the hardships and struggles and to celebrate the wins. We all have similar stories and share the common blood, sweat and tears that go into owning and operating a business. It was amazing to hear their stories as well and an honor to be a part of this.

There are many that we have to thank that have made this company what it is today.

It takes a strong Team to achieve success and for this we have our people to thank. Michael and I share our Mission and Vision for this company, and it takes a great team to keep it moving and achieve greatness together.

Recognizing the owners, CEOs and presidents of Edmonton companies who contribute in an outstanding way to our vibrant and growing city. Business in Edmonton Leaders stand out in our community through their personal integrity, values, business initiatives, community involvement, innovation and philanthropy.

Each year, company leaders demonstrating these qualities are nominated for the Business in Edmonton Leaders program. Throughout the process, we work with the nominees to help tell their story in the most complete manner possible. All nominees are evaluated by an independent panel of judges, who will select the top 20 for the 2019 Leaders Awards program.


Stay tuned for the Leaders Video and Magazine Spread that will be released soon!!

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