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3-D’s Web Based and Mobile GIS – GIS as Deliverable

3-D Line Locating is proposing to use an advanced web based and mobile GIS to aid in the construction and project management of pipeline Projects.  The GIS will serve as a data and document repository for any information that may be required for the successful completion of projects as well as a collaboration tool for field and office staff.  The GIS will also serve as a system of record for all data and documentation created or collected before, during and after the construction process.

One of the many ways our GIS can be used on your project is by GIS as Deliverable.

Client users can be provided access to the GIS during and after the construction phase to view progress and take advantage of the extensive system of record created by the GIS. Construction data can be transitioned into an operational dataset when construction is completed.  If desired, the client can continue to use the GIS platform to manage operational data such as inline inspection results, SCT scanning data, investigative dig photos and reports, new crossing agreements etc.  Alternatively, the dataset itself can be exported into standard GIS formats and offered as a deliverable to easily incorporate into the client’s enterprise GIS for storage and future analysis

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