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Interview With 3-D’s Co-owner & Manager Lindsay Mayr

3-D has many amazing women who help run the company and we wrote a little Blog about them, but, today, we wanted to showcase Lindsay, the boss, who flawlessly manages the Office and is an inspiration to any female (this writer included) who wants to work their way up the ladder or wants to be an entrepreneur while being a Mother.  This International Women’s Day, Lindsay Mayr, our intrepid Manager and co-owner of 3-D,  did an interview on her lifestyle as a Lady Boss and Mother. 



Do You have a fixed routine?

There is nothing I love more than an early morning. It is the perfect way to start my day off. I get up every morning at 4:30 a.m. to sit with my coffee, and, if it’s warm out, I’ll sit on my porch reveling in the complete silence (I live in the country) and the occasional animal sound in the distance. This is the only time I have for and to myself before my day begins. It is my routine…..half an hour of nothing with my coffee.

From then on its get ready, get my son ready, breakfast, day home drop-off, the stop at good ol’ Timmies on my drive into the office and it begins! Once I arrive at the office I just begin to take everything as it comes and tackle the highest priorities first and that is my routine!!

lindsay view
The view during my morning coffee 🙂


What motivates you?

Prior to my son being born my motivation was that my husband and I were building our dream and that each and every day I had a purpose and a reason to get up and get going! Knowing that I had a business with a Team that counted on me daily to lead, guide and maintain our work relations with so many people and the never ending task of becoming better at what our company does. I felt strong and proud!

Post baby my motivation has turned in another direction and extended to include my son. I get up for him, I conquer every task and hardship I may experience for him, and continue to build and fight for our dream for I have a purpose behind why I do what I do…..my son. This is for him.


Who has been your biggest inspiration?

John Gault


What books can you recommend to other business owners?

Atlas Shrugged Audio book, great to listen to while working or even driving to work!


What are 3 skills you find most important in business?

  1. Determination
  2. Motivation
  3. Knowledge and first-hand experience in your business

Some may expect me to say Microsoft office or have some degree from some university or community college in Business- but not for me. I strongly believe that it has been my many years in this industry that has provided me with the hands on experience which has created my skillset for this position.

linz good 2
Me working out in the field gaining hands on experience!

Linz good


What would your advice be to a budding female entrepreneur/professional?

  • Stay strong and focused – always remember your companies mission for some days you will ask yourself why you are doing this again and you must be reminded
  • Keep emotions out of what happens in the business- I mean it!
  • Knowledge and perseverance always prevails. Always.
  • You can’t help everyone on a personal level – keep boundaries
  • There will be times where you feel defeated, doubted or treated disrespectful by others and you must pick yourself up, remind yourself, or show them who you are and why you are the one in your position – Because nobody knows your job better than yourself.
  • Keep learning and researching new, innovative tech for the business and stay “up to date” with what is going on in your industry.


Who did you hire to help your company grow?

There is my “Professional Team”, as I like to call them. This Team consists of amazing Chartered Accountants and their assistants, a great Lawyer and our Benefits advisory group who also deals with our personal insurances for us business owners and our employees group benefits program. These are the key professionals who we always consult with inside our company when we need answers and to be guided in certain matters pertaining to our operations. A lot of them have become great friends over the years.

I would not be able to operate and continue to run the office/company smoothly without the individuals I have working next to me in the office. They are my backbone on the days I need to be reminded I have one; they are the support in the many different areas inside the business that make it operate; These individuals are here helping the business grow and succeed; they are excellent multi taskers and each come with a valuable skillset of their own which has been an added value to us all. I would be lost without them.

We also have an experienced, knowledgeable, work driven and focused Field Team. These are our frontline gents/ladies who are the image of our company. Battling the many seasons we are blessed to have in Western Canada, working hard and being the best at what they are there to do for our clients – Pipeline & Utility Locating. It is with these individuals and their experience that help our company maintain our growth, exceptional Service and the Quality we exceed daily.

Office Girls better
Jody, Darlene and I at the Nisku Office
Kamloops Office
Patricia and I at the Kamloops Office


What is your biggest challenge right now?

My largest challenge, speaking openly and honestly, is returning from maternity leave and finding my “space” back in the business, and adjusting to others fulfilling duties that were once mine. Being absent for just over a year and having the new team members wonder who I am, what it is I do there, and trying to almost “prove” my existence with the ones who have not worked with me prior to leaving was tough, but it all just takes time. It has also been hard to adjust from once breathing and living only for the business and my work, to returning with family priorities being number one.

I’m sure many women feel this at some point in their career, but in order to grow you have to feel uncomfortable from time to time. When I begin to doubt myself, and my skillset in general, I always stop and physically say “I am a strong, beautiful, confident business woman. You can do this! You know this business!!”

I also try to not take anything work-related personally, and always strive for the best in my own eyes


What do you do in your downtime?

The second I leave work and drive the hour to pick my son up from his day home is when my downtime begins. My son takes over my priorities for the rest of my day and it’s play time for us. When I’m not outside enjoying nature with him, my husband and my two dogs there is nothing more that I enjoy than crocheting and having a cup of coffee. This is it……very simple and very relaxing and enjoyable. It is very hard for me to turn my mind off from each work day so my downtime is very important to me.

linz linz 2 12628413_1672664436339376_9040333762062575703_o

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