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** Although our head office is located in Nisku, Alberta, we are proud to provide service in Blue River.

Blue River is situated in the North Thompson River Valley in British Columbia. This part of BC is known for its acidic and coarse soils, which can be tough for some processes such as farming, well drilling, and other initiatives. It is important to conduct a soil assessment in order to figure out which parts are the least acidic and will be most successful for your endeavors.

3-D Line Locating is a company with over 20 years of experience in soil assessments, line locating, ground disturbance management, and much more. We take pride in being one of the top companies in the industry, and uphold our goal of maintaining quality, integrity, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction. If you’re in need of soil assessment services by 3-D Line Locating in Blue River, we can definitely get the job done.

Some other services we offer in Blue River include third party incident/accident investigationAER/BCOBC mandated compliance auditingenvironmental locating services (Phase I, II and III)HydroVac excavationspre-excavation risk assessment/auditingmajor project locating/mainline pipeline sweepingone call ticket management and locate responselease site, battery and satellite locating; and pipeline integrity and maintenance program locating.

Only the most skilled professionals are employed at 3-D, so we can ensure that you’re getting the best service possible. If you’re looking for soil assessment services by 3-D Line Locating in Blue River, or any of the other services listed above, contact us today so we can set up a meeting and get your project underway.

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