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Celebrating 5 Years of Ownership

Celebrating 5 years of Ownership

5 yr annWow…..5 years has already approached us and boy has it been a ride!

5 Years ago today Michael & I walked into the 3-D office in Sunnybrook, AB as the proud, excited new owners of 3-D Line Locating. We came in, grabbed the reins and let Laurie and Dwayne have some well-deserved rest for eternity.

I can remember that day like it was yesterday; a bit nervous, wondering what was going to come our way and filled with ambition and excitement to bring our ideas, energy, commitment and management skills to the table of this company.

In the first 2 years of ownership we experienced one of our largest growth phases and most successful years of business. Through these years we were able to service the demands and requirements our clients needed from us. We were steadily moving our crews throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and maintaining our client relationships and creating many more along the way.

We saw some familiar faces join our team from previous years of working at 3-D and sadly saw some move onto new adventures in their lives.

There was nothing better than the exhilarating thrill Mike and I had (and still get to this day) of working hard for a purpose, managing our Team, providing exceptional services  and creating a great company that we were so proud to call ours and share it with the talented people who were on our Team.

As most Entrepreneurs know with the successful rises there is always the downside of the not so successful forks in the road that you must experience. This being said; we were a young, determined couple who saw no other choice for us but to keep going, pushing through all the difficulties that came our way and never give up regardless of how small or large the problem was that presented itself. This is what made us stronger, more experienced in the business world and to keep believing in ourselves and our company and the people who called it home with us.

We have so many accomplishments that need to be celebrated and are so proud of; some of which are:

  • Being able to move to a central location in the heart of Nisku, AB
  • Setting countless company goals and landmarks and being able to achieve them all together
  • Obtaining and maintaining a talented work Team
  • Creating our 3-D Quality Management and Procedural Manual to the ISO 9001 Standard
  • Opened Offices in Fort St. John and Kamloops, B.C.
  • Completed countless large-scale Projects for our wonderful Clients
  • Established several Joint Venture Agreements with some great individuals that have lead us to succeed in new service endeavors mutually
  • Expansion of our Services we offer
  • Got on Social Media (had to put this one on – it was quite exciting LOL)
  • Creation of our new Website and Blog
  • Created our Mission and Vision for 3-D
  • Active in the community and sponsorships of several children’s sports teams and community events
  • Had the privilege of obtaining some great new Management to help allocate duties and responsibilities within the company to provide more detailed support to the field crews
  • Our 3-D’s Operation Excellence Program was created

These are only but a few that immediately come to our mind while writing this but there are so many other accomplishments that deserve recognition.

We’ve accomplished so many great things at 3-D over the last 5 years and it honestly brings me to tears to remember them all. This is what we’ve worked so hard for and from that this is what has flourished. I love walking into the office each and every morning to my wonderful office staff and there is no greater feeling to see our talented field crews working and giving their best out there for everyone on this Team. To know that we are able to provide such wonderful individuals a place where they can come to work and provide for their own and families, a place to feel comfortable and build their skills sets and career paths is a great achievement. It is because of this Team that we are all here today and I want to thank each and every one for coming along for this ride with Michael & I.




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