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Celebrating 7 Years of Ownership!

Celebrating Our 7 Years of Ownership!

We’ve been flying through the last couple months, tackling every mountain that arrives at our door, heads down and hustling, that we actually forgot that this month has been 7 years since Michael and I became the proud new owners of 3-D Line Locating. So, now we are taking this moment to celebrate the accomplishments our 3-D Team has conquered these last several years!

Michael and I still think about the first day we walked up the stairs into our new office to meet Laurie and Dwayne as they handed the reins over. They had many great years in 3-D, running a great company, and could now rest and enjoy their time with their 12 grandchildren!!!!

C- Sylvia Duckworth

There has been an abundance of family, friends, team mates, clients and even our vendors who have helped in many ways and contributed to our success at 3-D. We have an amazing 3-D Team and, yes, we’ve had many come, many go and those we love to call our “lifers” our “3-D Family”. It is these individuals who help shape this company and show up day in and day out ready for work. Without our Team there would be nothing. Plain and Simple.

With the good comes the bad, and there have been struggles and hills to climb these past several years. It amazes us each and every day how we’ve managed to pull together and create these little miracles for us to move forward with, to become stronger as a company and in the Industry as a whole. At the time some days we’ve asked ourselves, “Why??!!” and in the end we are thankful for the struggles, for they have made us stronger, taught us lessons, and created new-found tools that help strengthen us.  We accomplished things we never thought we were capable of as a Small Business. This is what we celebrate.

Our greatest accomplishment in the last 2 years has been building and molding 3-D into a diversified service Company. A one-stop-shop for our clients. It has taken every ounce of our energy, hard work and determination to bring this to fruition and we have never been so proud.

What we’ve been up to! 3-D’s Highlights of 2016-2018:

  • Solidifying our foundation while strengthening our Quality
  • Focused on building our 3-D Team
  • Ground Disturbance Supervision & Coordination Services
  • Fine-tuned our internal processes
  • Expanded our Service areas to include B.C. and the opening of our Kamloops Office.
  • Offering Surveying and Geomatics Services
  • Hydrovac Services
  • One Call Management Services

7 years ago Michael and I had a vision. A vision to take a company which we both called home for many years previous, and create something that our employees could be proud of, our clients could be confident in, and continue building THE Family Business into something truly special that we can be proud of for the many years to come.


…and, so, at the end of the day, Michael & I would like to truly thank everyone (you all know who you are) for contributing to the success of 3-D. Be Proud!

Here’s to 24 years in business, 7 years of new ownership and one hell of a ride to come! We can’t wait!


-Lindsay Mayr



“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual”

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