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3-D Line Locating | Chetwynd, BC

** Although our head office is located in Nisku, Alberta, we are proud to provide service in Chetwynd.

Chetwynd is home to a number of different kinds of soils, including clay and moss/peat soil. The area is also surrounded by forest, which contains a different type of soil itself. It can be hard to imagine which soil lies in which area, and what kind of composition it may have. This is where a quality soil assessment would come in handy. 3-D Line Locating servicing Chetwynd has over 20 years of experience in providing soil assessments and other environmental services. We are a privately-owned buried pipeline and utility locating company and are at the forefront of the damage prevention industry in western Canada. Our Call Before You Dig professionals believe in a higher standard of excellence, and because of this, we are able to provide quality service and experience that our clients expect and deserve.

We provide a number of different services to clients including line locating, major project locating, ground disturbance management, pre-excavation risk assessments, and much more. We are leading providers in the oil and gas industry and take pride in offering quality, accuracy, consistency and excellent customer satisfaction in all that we do. 3-D Line Locating, servicing Chetwynd, is only one of the areas that we cover—we offer services all throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

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