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Edmonton is the main supply and service center for Canada’s oil sands, which are the second largest in the world. Because of this, Edmonton is known as the oil capital of Canada. When it comes to the oil sands and major oil projects, Edmonton is bustling. With a variety of major projects on the go, it is important for major companies and contractors to be aware of any hidden pipes or utility lines. 3-D Line Locating in Edmonton provides over 20 years of line locating experience throughout Alberta and British Columbia. We take pride in being one of the top companies to maintain quality, accuracy, consistency, and customer satisfaction in the industry. If you’re looking for utility locating, contact 3-D line locating in Edmonton.

Some of services available from 3-D Line Locating in Edmonton include:

  • 3rd party incident/accident investigation
  • AER/BCOBC mandated compliance auditing
  • Environmental locating services (Phase I, II and III)
  • HydroVac excavations
  • Pre-excavation risk assessment/auditing
  • Major project locating/mainline pipeline sweeping
  • One  call ticket management and locate response
  • Lease site, battery and satellite locating
  • Ground disturbance management/coordination
  • Pipeline integrity and maintenance program locating

3-D Line Locating is a reputable and experienced company that will provide you with all of the above services in a timely and efficient manner. If you are interested in any of these services in the Edmonton area, contact us today.

For utility locating, contact 3-D Line Locating in Edmonton today.

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