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Faces of 3-D- Patricia

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Trish almost 10 years ago in the giant safety glasses Mike made her wear!

Patricia (a.k.a. Trish) first came to 3-D as a helper back in the summer of  2005. She was her boss’s helper at this time and he took her to the lovely Province of Saskatchewan for a couple of months on a large project 3-D was working on. From here she worked out in the field for quite a while for 3-D and later moved on to attend College.

We later saw Trish appear in our Office temporarily to help assist in Administrative duties and along with that she brought her spunky personality and thirst for knowledge in the business. She left once again but this time it was for her move to Beautiful British Columbia with her husband. She planted her roots down in Kamloops and years later when 3-D opened their office in Kamloops she was our number one choice for hire to run and operate the office.

Trish has kept up with her safety training and is always prepared for those days where we need an extra helper out that way and she never complains. I’m sure it brings back great memories of her “field” days. I just wish we could find a pair of coveralls that fit her properly instead of swimming in them LOL.

Kamloops Office 3-D Line Locating
New Kamloops Office

Trish  manages 3-D’s website content, Social Media Marketing and our Marketing materials. She is our design pro and is always keeping up with current news in our industry and business. You’ll find her taking tours of proposed projects that are coming about, attending chambers meetings and attending the fun community events around the area.

Recently Trish has completed her Internal Safety Auditor Training course through BCCSA and is also working towards her completion of her Internal Safety Auditor Training through ACSA. Once completed Trish will be assigned the role of our New Health & Safety Coordinator within the company. We are so proud of her accomplishments and look forward to having her in this new position! She is a woman of many skills, knowledge and talent and is a large part of who we are at 3-D.

A Few Q’s for Trish

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love working downtown Kamloops. I can zip out and grab awesome coffee, lunch, groceries and go shopping after work.

What is your favorite movie or T.V. series?

I have too many! Firefly/Serenity. LOTR. Studio Ghibli. Anything directed by Wes Anderson.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

If I’m not drawing or writing, I am out hiking & taking pictures somewhere! I sell my art work at Wild Roots Photography & Artwork

If you could live anywhere where you live?

New Zealand.

What is the most beautiful view you have ever seen?

In Australia I got up at 4 am and went and sat on the beach and watched the sunrise. People were jogging or fishing in the surf as the clouds rolled back and beams of light burst through sporadically lighting up patches of beach, it was amazing.

Out hiking & taking pictures


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