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First Trail Hike of the Season

Our Kamloops co-worker did the first hike of the season on the trails 3-D has “Adopted” through the Kamloops Adopt-A-Trail program, and boy was it beautiful!

The trails are in Kenna Cartwright Park which is within the city of Kamloops and our TWO trails are Deer Run and Lower Doug Daws.

Starting at the Home Depot parking lot you hike up reservoir trail till you reach Deer Run and follow it up to Lower Doug Daws, where it then starts to head back down the mountain to the main trail again.

Follow along via All Trails

Keep in mind its a good 2 1/2 + hour hike, you climb up for the first hour and the entire hike is about 8.5kms. Make sure you are aware of your own fitness, bring your phone, bear spray and download our trail map on All Trails!

PHEW! Deer Run trail is quite the hike UP – but the view is amazing!

We want to emphasize the importance of safety when hiking. Always make sure to bring proper gear, such as sturdy shoes and plenty of water, and stay aware of your surroundings.

Learn the rules before hiking and check out the cities information before heading out.

If you head out make sure to send us some pictures!! We would love to see some people hiking the trails!

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