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3-D Line Locating | Servicing Fort Saskatchewan, AB

** Although our head office is located in Nisku, Alberta, we are proud to provide service in Fort Saskatchewan.

The city of Fort Saskatchewan is well known for its proximity to petrochemical facilities, including Dow Chemical, Sherritt International, Agrium and Shell Canada Ltd. These facilities employ many individuals from all over Alberta, and are a source of many jobs. When there are many oil and gas facilities in one area, this leaves the opportunity open for underground, buried pipelines that may not be easily known to other companies. When other companies want to start up their own projects, it is important that they get assistance from a line locating company who will be able to tell them where underground lines are buried. Running into a line can mean big trouble, so finding out exactly where they are is key. 3-D Line Locating servicing Fort Saskatchewan, offers extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, specializing in buried pipe and utility locating services.

Fort Saskatchewan is also very well known for its flock of 50 sheep that roam the downtown park during the summer. Aside from the sheep, the city also has other environmental treasures that need to be kept safe. By preventing line run-ins, we are protecting the environment. Other services offered through 3-D Line Locating in Fort Saskatchewan include: 3rd party incident/accident investigationAER/BCOBC mandated compliance auditingenvironmental locating services (Phase I, II and III)HydroVac excavationspre-excavation risk assessment/auditingmajor project locating/mainline pipeline sweepingone-call ticket management and locate responselease site, battery and satellite locating; ground disturbance management/coordination; and pipeline integrity and maintenance program locating.

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