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Getting To Know 3-D

We get a lot of phone calls asking about what we offer as a company, so we decided to put together a list of the most asked questions!

“Where do you have offices/field offices?”

3-D’s Head office is located in Warburg, Alberta, with a field office in Kamloops, B.C.

When called to Saskatchewan and Manitoba we work on a demobilization/mobilization plan with our client that addresses their budgetary requirements and we work with them to meet commercial terms for the work that will fit in line with their scope of work.

“You guys only have a couple crews?”

This is one phrase that we hear sometimes and are always happy to respond by saying, we have multiple crews throughout Western Canada that are ready and can take on projects and jobs based on availability at the time.

Over the last couple of years we have been expanding throughout Western Canada to ensure that our clients always have 3-D’s services available to them when they need it.

They can expect our Crews to arrive ready to work and excited to be there for them. We have grown as a company over the last decade and have confidently maintained our Quality and Excellence we have been known for over the last 30 years (since 1994).

“You do Ground Disturbance Management?”

Yes, we do! Performing beyond other buried pipeline & utility locating companies, we can facilitate and manage the ground disturbance process from beginning to end.

From pre-planning, managing the One Call process, developing a customized tracking plan; to communicating with construction teams and project managers, to handling audits, legalities and ensuring compliance, we’ve got it covered.

Check out our full Ground Disturbance Management and Auditing Services here

And since we are on the topic of our other services, make sure to check out our Web Based and Mobile GIS Services and our non-invasive pipeline inspection service based on Stress Concentration Tomography

“Do you have a COR? ISNetworld? Complyworks? Are you Pre-Qualified?”

3-D has maintained a COR accreditation since 2001. We would not be able to continue in our Industry today without one. It is what maintains and molds our Health & Safety Program year after year. 3-D is also an ISNetworld Subscriber, Complyworks Subscriber and holds many memberships within our Industry sector throughout the Provinces. We know how complex each Province is and the need to stay ahead of the ever changing Industry news, guidelines and requirements.

We have also completed our Quality & Procedural Manual in compliance with ISO 9001 Standard. This alone has been a large contributor for our growth capabilities and maintains compliance for more and more of our client’s requirements.

We are Pre-Qualified for a considerable number of Contractors, Companies and Clients throughout the Provinces and you may not even know it. Please contact us for more information or to receive further details.

But don’t just take it from us, you can also go see our BBB rating score!

“Are your locators certified?”

We pride ourselves in our exceptional Locating Technicians and the confidence they maintain on any job they are sent onto for our clients and customers. This creates ease for us to know that we can send out any crew to any job type and know they will complete their locates with ease and client satisfaction each time.

YES our Locate Technicians are certified. Although, Line Locating does not currently have an industry recognized designation, there are many hours of on-the-job training, classroom courses, and internal competency and training programs that 3-D runs all of our Locate Technicians through.

Locate Technicians carry one or multiple locating courses such as ACSA Ground Disturbance for Supervisors ll and Locate Management’s Line Locating courses.

3-D Line Locating (2011) Ltd.’s Locate Technicians must exhibit knowledge, understanding, and competence of several key elements pertaining to the locating industry. These competencies are recognized by many locating contractors as standard. Higher levels of each competency improve as experience grows.

Each field crew maintains the following certifications when working at 3-D:

3-D Line Locating Ltd. Minimum Requirements:

  • Standard First Aid
  • TDG
  • PCST (Pipeline Construction Safety Training)
  • H2S Alive/Awareness (depending on location or site)
  • Transmission Advanced Line Locating (Technicians)

3-D Line Locating Ltd. In-House Training for the following:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard Recognition and Control
  • 3-D Safety Training Orientation
  • Client- Specific Orientations
  • 3-D Line Locating Ltd. – Quality & Procedural Manual

3-D Line Locating Ltd. Safety Certifications Dependent on Scope of Work:

  • Ground Disturbance Level II Supervisor
  • Transmission Advanced Line Locating
  • Bear and Wildlife Awareness Training
  • CSTS09/2020

“What is your experience on large scale projects?”

We are proud of our accomplishments and always share in the excitement and pride our team members feel when one comes to a completion.

We are more than happy to provide potential clients/customers a detailed outline of our experience. You can also visit our website where you can find a brief detail of some larger projects that we have been a part of.  

  • Trans Mountain Expansion Project. TMEP
  • Trans Canada Keystone XL pipeline project
  • Edmonton International Airport EIA.

“Do you provide digital maps of your locates?”

Yes we provide digital maps that are completed on-site and delivered to our clients based on their requirements. Our Locate Technicians are trained in our TurboCad Program which allows them to follow our company’s guidelines to create a consistent, high-quality digital drawing that shows clear and legible locate results every time.

And we participate, celebrate and sponsor the people and communities we work in!

Here’s just a few of our many community support events:
Sponsorship of Bathtub Races at the Warburg Heritage Days
Motorcycle Ride for Dad Okanagan 2022
Donated labour and materials to the Thorsby & District Lions Club
Christmas Elves
Warburg U9 Sharks 2022 Tournament
Warburg School Gym Equipment
Edson Food Bank
Helped sponsor the Thorsby Thunder’s January 2022 U9 Tournament and their jersey’s
Helped sponsor the U18 AAA Ennis Kings Hockey Team for the 2021/2022 season
EIA Charity Golf Classic
Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation – Support for Pow Wow, donations for tournaments & events
Adopt-A-Trail Kamloops (Deer Run & Lower Doug Daws Trails Kenna Cartwright Park)
Raised money for the United Way B.C. Flood Response Fund
PAWS AND CLAWS Fundraiser– Kamloops
Sponsored Kamloops Family Storytime + Baby & Me
Blue River Fire Department – Donation of work truck

3-D Line Locating Ltd is a privately owned Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating, Ground Disturbance Management and SCT Services company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the Damage Prevention industry in Western Canada. Although the industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years, we have been very fortunate to have been at the leading edge of the evolution and still maintain the highest levels of quality, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction in our industry.

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