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3-D is helping to raise money for the United Way Flood Response Fund.

2021 in British Columbia brought disaster after disaster. Fires. Heat waves. Floods. Mudslides. Countless people have been displaced, lost their homes, their communities, their livelihood, and, tragically, their lives.

This Holiday season we aim to give back as much as we can to our fellow neighbors, so that they may have the chance to cope, feel safe, and start rebuilding.

3-D Line Locating has partnered with the Untied Way to help raise money for the people who have been affected by the recent flooding.

YOU Can Help by Donating – any amount, big or small, can go a long way for our neighbors in Southern B.C.

–> Click Here to Donate *** Please ensure you put “3-D Line Locating” in the comments section once you hit step 3 (payment) so that United Way will know you’re helping 3-D and will know where to allocate the funds.

United Way British Columbia will be using these funds to support agencies throughout the province, including the TNC region and our affected communities, to help those who have been displaced or evacuated by the flooding and mudslides.  

Funds will go towards food, water, blankets, clothes, and other desperately needed supports. United Way has people on the ground, working with agencies and mobilizing community champions to determine exactly what is needed and how it can be delivered.

United Way is also coming alongside those businesses who have opened their doors to the people who were evacuated, and are feeding them, and giving them a place to stay.

The loss is unimaginable for many of us, and any amount is greatly appreciated to help all the people who have lost homes, communities, livelihood, and more to this natural disaster.

We will be fundraising until December 24th 2021.

Thank you for your generosity from all of us at 3-D Line Locating.

3-D Line Locating Ltd is a privately owned Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating and Ground Disturbance Management company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the Damage Prevention industry in Western Canada.
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