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** Although our head office is located in Nisku, Alberta, we are proud to provide service in Lac La Biche.

One of the main supports of the Lac La Biche economy is the commercial fishing industry. In order for the fishing industry to stay afloat, water free of contaminants is a must. Contaminated water can threaten the life of the fish that inhabit it and cause big problems for fishermen. One way that the industry can ensure the fish population is healthy is to make sure that the water is clean. This can be done by conducting water testing. 3-D Line Locating, servicing in Lac La Biche conducts water testing for various industries. We are a privately-owned company specializing in buried pipeline and utility locating and also offers a number of other services, including:

  • Pre-excavation risk assessment/auditing
  • 3rd party incident/accident investigation
  • AER/BCOBC mandated compliance auditing
  • Ground disturbance management/coordination
  • Pipeline integrity and maintenance program locating
  • And more

Our people believe in a higher standard of excellence that results in the service and the experience our clients expect and deserve. We employ only expert technicians who are experienced in all of our services. By doing so, we can effectively offer quality, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction in all that we do.

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