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Dam Integrity

Tailings ponds have a long history, and for the most part they are safely engineered structures that help mining companies operate sustainably while being environmentally conscious. Worldwide, the average number of tailings pond leaks is only 3 per year. When they do fail however, the results can be anything from a small leak to having  disastrous consequences. In order to reduce the risk associated with even a demonstrably small chance of failure, it is prudent and essential to have a solution which can precisely determine leaks and strains on the structure.

Working with our Partners at Roctest, 3-D’s fiber optic based solution can detect and localize seepage on every meter of the tailings pond. Detecting internal erosion is difficult, so for this reason our solution becomes essential to a full safety management plan. Our systems are customized to both the requirements of the dam and the client’s specific needs. It is best to install during construction, but it is possible to apply our solution to dams that are already built.

Accurate and early detection ensures that mitigation can be determined prior to catastrophic failures affecting people, wildlife, and the environment for potentially hundreds of kilometers away from the tailings pond.


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