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Not All Utility Locating is Created Equal – Locates Vs Hydrovac


How accurate locates save time and money


One of the biggest costs associated with any ground disturbance is hydrovacing. That noisy, giant vacuum mounted to a heavy duty truck chassis is not only expensive, but takes a lot of time to dump and fill with water. Imagine this instead, you have a pipeline that you want to install across a field. You hire a line locator to locate the facilities in the area and mark them. They determine the right of way crosses 10 of the facilities. It’s a no brainer at this stage that you need them exposed. Hydrovac comes out and begins to expose the lines.


This is where it gets expensive. The line locator who came out to locate the crossings accurately located the first 4 crossings but the next 6, well let’s just say the holes are larger than 1 meter below and one meter each side (as per ground disturbance best practices). The 2 days you have allotted for hydrovac has now turned into 3, and with the difficult soil and frequent mis-locates it is starting to look like 4. Heaven forbid you come across contaminants on that 6-35 lease “crossing” where the line wasn’t even a crossing due to a “ghost signal”. Trucking the slurry to a waste management site combined with disposal costs, well you see where I’m going with this.


Something you can relate to? It’s actually simple to change this cycle of overspending on hydrovacing. Knowledgeable, experienced and professional field crews combined with proven field techniques alleviate all of these issues.  From pinpoint accuracy even in a multi pipe trench scenario, to those hard to find pipes, 3-D demonstrates their commitment to quality. Through our wide assortment of multi frequency equipment and our proven sweeping techniques, we keep your project on time, on budget and safe by getting our job done right the first time! I mean, who really has the time for delays due to poor locates. Hey, even hydrovac operators love 3-D, why you ask? For our accurate marks and reliable depths of course!

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