Buried Pipeline
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Partners in Damage Prevention

With over 400,000 KM of pipelines, the Alberta Common Ground Alliance strives to create an awareness that underground facility damage prevention is a shared responsibility. ABCGA helps to bring together OH&S facilitators, employers and employees in order to teach them about pipeline legislation, safety and services that are used to keep this critical infrastructure and the people working around them safe.

Line Locating is in integral part of the ground disturbance process, making sure that all buried facilities are clearly marked out for the company or homeowner that wishes to work in an area. Telecom, gas and water lines are some examples of buried utilities that commonly run through a work area where ground disturbance will happen. If one of these lines were hit, it would mean a monetary cost, or, the loss of a life. Being a member of the ABCGA means that 3-D has access to the leading information in underground safety, legislation and training that assists us in being the best at what we do. Being part of an organisation that gathers and distributes all pertinent information on these pipelines means that 3-D is better equipped for their daily work.

ABCGA is also widely known for their DIRT report, which tracks damages to buried facilities in order to help them better understand what can be done to make this industry safer for both the people and the infrastructure. They publish reports which can be accessed at www.commongroundalliance.com.



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