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Not all places along the length of an oil or gas pipeline are created equal. The ground moves as a result of land subsidence, landslides, or soil settlement. Pipelines are engineered and constructed to bend to accommodate some movement but there are limitations to the strain they can safely sustain. To ensure the Integrity of pipelines, it is vital to monitor the movement of the ground above and below the pipe.


Although areas of known subsidence are eliminated from a pipeline’s route when possible, some areas are unavoidable. There are cases where sagging in a pipeline has been identified following installation. It is therefore critical that owner/operators monitor these areas to help mitigate the risk of strain on the pipeline caused by slope failure or sinkholes.


3-D has partnered with Roctest to offer a solution that combines fiber optic cable, Smartec sensors, DiTest Analyzer and DiView technology. This solution allows our clients to make thousands of real time measurements along a single fiber optic sensor, localize deformation and pinpoint strain to within 0.5 meter accuracy. Operations Managers and Integrity Management Analysts can investigate the specific area to determine potential impacts of undo stress on the pipeline.


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