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Stress Concentration Tomography Services (SCT) PART 3: FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES

SCT™ provides high-resolution information on the wall condition of an underground pipeline.

It detects all mechanical and metallurgical defects such as cracks, internal and external corrosion, and pipeline deformations caused by land movement. It also collects real-time data of the pipeline’s depth of burial underground.

During an SCT™ inspection, a technician carries the UNISCAN™ Scanner directly over the center of the pipeline. The scanner passively collects magnetic data of the pipeline underground; there is no need to induce energy into the pipeline, turn off CP systems, or change the pipeline operating pressure during inspection.

Upon completion of the field survey, Speir Hunter’s patented software analyses the pipeline magnetic data using complex algorithms that can decipher the mathematical relationship between material stress and magnetisation. The software reports the location of all abnormal zones of localized stress in the pipeline wall material by analyzing changes in the pipeline magnetic data. We call such areas ‘Stress Concentration Zones’ (SCZs).

Figure:  SCT™ (Stress Concentration Tomography) collects data on the pipeline’s latent
magnetic field remotely in order to assess the pipeline wall condition.

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