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Using Line Locators Keeps Your Worksite Safe


With Spring coming many projects are beginning to ramp up; whether it is home owners doing yard and house renovations, or major construction projects in the oil and gas industry, calling in a Line Locator is a must.

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Good practice is to call us at least 3 days prior to ground disturbance as this gives us time to locate all the buried lines and mark them out appropriately using the National colour coding for underground utilities.  With all the underground facilities carefully marked out, the contractors should have no problem working around them.


The Western Canadian DIRT Report, a joint analysis of One Calls and line hits by Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance, states that there were 4,931 damage events in 2014.  Natural gas and telecomm lines were the most commonly hit by contractors.


At 3-D we have over 20 years of experience and after working on many large scale projects, we know how to work alongside project managers and their on-site employees.  3-D uses specific detection methods to ensure every underground facility is marked out clearly. Our employees are trained to recognized industry standards alongside of our company’s specific locating standards and Ground Disturbance which ensures all steps and methods are being utilized on all jobs. Whether we are at an airport, a right of way, lease site, our neighbors yard or major pipeline, our methods ensure everyone’s safety.



For information on our Line Locating you can go to our website or read our FAQ post.

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