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At 3-D Line Locating, we’re all about making pipeline projects smoother.

By utilizing a cutting-edge web-based and mobile GIS to assist in managing and constructing pipeline projects, this GIS will function as a central hub for storing crucial data and documents needed for project success.

Additionally, it will foster collaboration among field and office teams and the GIS will maintain a comprehensive record of all information and documentation generated throughout the entire construction process.

Let’s dive into more detail:

Management of Change

GIS users receive real time project data updates. For example, changes to environmentally sensitive areas, new land owner requests, updated governmental/regulatory requirements, first nations requests, geotechnical issues etc. can be captured in the field or added from the office and immediately displayed in the web GIS as well as made available for offline synchronization. Ensuring field users have the most up to date datasets can improve efficiency and reduce duplicated effort.

Records Management

Any type of reports and data that are gathered during the construction process can be stored in the GIS database. This data can then be easily retrieved during the construction and operating phase of the pipeline. A complete record of all construction activities performed during the project will include the date, time and location in which these activities were performed. GIS features can be populated with attribute values and documents allowing users to retrieve all data and documents associated with a GIS feature. GIS features can be located using keyword searches or by navigating to their locations on the map interface. Information is easily retrieved and will remain connected to the spatial location in which the activity took place.

Collaboration, Coordination and Reporting

Field users can submit photos, comments or add new GIS features and datasets to the GIS database system of record. This includes information necessary to validate planned construction processes and activities, for example, pictures and supporting comments demonstrating that a buried utility has been appropriately daylighted before any excavation occurs. Users can also report progress and keep a record of important field events such as near misses, interactions with land owners and any other unforeseen safety, social, construction and environmental challenges.

Document Control

Using the GIS, all users access the same document versions based on the release schedule controlled by the client. In other words, only approved documents will be released and users will not be able to make changes to approved revisions. Once these approved documents are released and uploaded into the GIS, all web users will have immediate access to them and they are also available for offline synchronization by mobile users. This process drastically reduces the need for printing and distributing copies of updated plans and drawings and ensures that all outdated revisions are no longer available.

GIS as a Deliverable

Client users can be provided access to the GIS during and after the construction phase to view progress and take advantage of the extensive system of record created by the GIS. Construction data can be transitioned into an operational dataset when construction is completed. If desired, the client can continue to use the GIS platform to manage operational data such as inline inspection results, SCT scanning data, investigative dig photos and reports, new crossing agreements etc. Alternatively, the dataset itself can be exported into standard GIS formats and offered as a deliverable to easily incorporate into the client’s enterprise GIS for storage and future analysis.


As a hosted service, the web GIS application can be accessed from any device (computer, phone, tablet etc.) using the latest versions of any popular web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) and requires no installation. The GIS database is hosted on a secure web server and uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to encrypt all data transmissions.

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