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Wildlife Safety

As line locators, we are constantly working out in fields, back-country, or thick forests, right across Canada.  These areas, while beautiful, can also be dangerous due to the wildlife in the area.  It is very important to have wildlife as one of the hazards that you talk about in your toolbox talk/tailgate meting, due to the fact that not everyone may be aware of the wildlife in the area, or what to do should you encounter wildlife.

 Some great resources are Wildsafe BC, Alberta Fish and Wildlife, and  Saskatchewan Government   

For some reason, we think the wintertime means less wildlife, but sometimes all it means is that the wildlife or potential dangers are more hidden.  Watch the below video to see the busy cougars and coyotes, whose deer kill was completely covered.  It is something to think about when you are working in remote or forested areas.

See some of our workers images below!




















Cows Around Underground Line Stake

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