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Q & A With 3-D: How Do You Locate Lines?

Q.  How is 3D Line Locating able to locate underground facilities?

A.  We use a combination of specialized equipment combined with certified and competent technicians working in teams of 2. The equipment we use applies an electromagnetic frequency, or “signal” by induction, or by direct connect method to an insulated conductor (pipe or cable) with the transmitter, and detects the frequency radiating from the conductor with the receiver.

Our workers will then mark out the facilities using stakes or spray-paint.  The different colours of paint or flagging will inform the people digging of what is buried below.  Read our post on What Do All The Marker Colours Mean? to learn more.

Locate Tech using the locating equipment, which emits an electromagnetic frequency.

People Locating Underground Lines
Two Locate Technicians walking in sync in order to locate a buried utility.



























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