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National Dig Safe Month

Whenever you pick up a shovel and start to dig, do you ever consider the risks? There are a million of kilometres of buried utilities across Canada laying just below our feet. They are located below your front or backyard, under our sidewalks and city streets, below our public parks and farmland. Sometimes these lines and cables are buried deep below, but other times they are quite close to the surface. Whether you’re digging a new garden, installing a fence or building a patio or deck, it’s very easy to hit a buried utility line if you don’t visit ClickBeforeYouDig.com first.

April is National Dig Safe Month and marks the beginning of the spring digging season. National Dig Safe Month reminds all of us — homeowners and contractors alike — why we need to call or click before we dig, at any time of the year.

What’s the risk?

For one, you could get seriously hurt. In some cases, it can even cause death. If you hit a gas line, it could cause a gas leak, and it takes just one spark to cause a major explosion. If you hit an electrical line you could be electrocuted. People have lost limbs, suffered brain damage, severe burns and/or died because they hit an underground electrical line.

You could also cause property damage — not just to your own home but also to your neighbours’ property, or the city’s. Hitting a water line could flood your home or a city street, and hitting a sewer line could lead to contamination.

There’s also the monetary cost. At the end of the day, guess who’s stuck with the repair bill? That’s right: you are. Some homeowners may even face legal action.

Before you pick up that shovel, remember to always ClickBeforeYouDig.com prior to every digging project. Having buried utility lines is a free service; there’s no excuse not to call or click. Plan your landscaping projects ahead of time and request a locate one week in advance.

Know What’s Below and Dig Safe!

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Dig Safe and Stay Safe

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