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The World Under Your Feet

The World Under Your Feet


Every day millions of people that walk, bike, jog or drive over thousands of kilometers of buried utilities without giving it a second thought. It’s not until a tragic environmental accident occurs, or a power-line is hit, and an entire neighborhood loses power, that people think about these underground facilities.

At 3-D it is our goal to keep these facilities from being hit and to help make the public aware of what is buried underground. After all, we are in the damage prevention industry.


Our work takes us all across Canada, into the snow-packed back-country of British Columbia, to the vast prairies of Alberta, or to the backyards of our neighbors.

Clearwater, BC 3-D Line Locating
Clearwater, BC


Kamloops, BC 3-D Line Locating
Kamloops, Bc








Line locating inside a grocery store!

Hitting a line in any of theses areas can cause extensive damage to the people living there, as well as, the flora and fauna.  No one wants to see these beautiful, serene places destroyed, making our work important in the growing natural gas and oil industries.

Want to see what is under your feet? Go to the NEB’s interactive pipeline map. 

Also check out Where’s the Line and Click Before You Dig call centers across Canada.

3-D has extensive experience in Major Project Locating, with essential services like Hydrovac Service, Ground Disturbance Management,  our Web Based Mobil GIS Services, or Stress Concentration Tomography.


3-D Line Locating Ltd is a privately owned Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating company. For over 20 years, we have been at the forefront of the Damage Prevention industry in Western Canada. Although the industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years, we have been very fortunate to have been at the leading edge of the evolution and still maintain the highest levels of quality, accuracy, consistency and customer satisfaction in our industry.

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